Thursday January 29

Today we finished watching Journey to the Center of the Earth! Core 1 got a chance to show off their gorgeous 3D glasses! Check us out!
Wow! Movie Stars!

Recognize anyone?


Such excitement!

Are you sleeping Chris?

Wednesday January 28

Today we finished up our 3D glasses so we could watch the 3D version of Journey to the Center of the Earth (thanks to DJ!). We are looking for facts and fiction as we watch this movie. Here are our shining faces!

Looking Good!

Wow, stylish!

Cool movie!

Where's the popcorn?

Monday January 26

Today we continued our study of the layers of the Earth. We read a fact sheet and filled in a chart about each layer's size, composition, and temperature. We also watched a Bill Nye video specifically about the importance of the crust! We are in need of more supplies for our edible lab which will occur this Friday.
Hershey bars
Marshmallow Fluff
Graham Crackers
Whoppers (malted milk chocolate candies)
snack size Milky Ways (yes, they have to be Milky Ways to work!) : )

Friday January 9

Today we added to our vocabulary study by using PowerPoint to help create some eye (and mind) - catching word art!! Take a look at how it all came out!

Core 3 Earth Word Art Collection - Click the icon to view full screen for best pictures!

Thursday January 8

We checked our predictions using the Anticipation Guide we filled out Monday concerning the Earth. We read a section in the Science book together to find out how accurate we were. Tomorrow we will be designing some cool vocabulary posters to better understand our unit. You'll be able to check them out here!!

Wednesday January 7

We finished our sorting activity and developed titles for each of our groups of words. We created murals to display them and then presented them to the class. Below is a picture collection of our work as well as videos of our presentations! Check out our hard work!!

Picture Collection: (You must be using Internet Explorer to view!)

Presentation Videos: (You must be using I.E. to view!)

Patrick and Maria:

Cody, Erica, and Nestor:

Click each link to see these!!

Jerry and Lelind

Ariela and Franklin

Triston, Jason, Ariela

Ashley and Dalton

Juan and Alexia

Kamren and Brook

Monte and Austin

Alora and Simon


Joshua and Alexis

Jorden and Vianca

Tuesday January 6

Today we watched a short video on the layers of the Earth. We also started sorting the 40 vocabulary words we chose as being important to our unit, into groups.

Monday January 5

Today we started our unit on the structure of the Earth. This will be a very fun unit with lots of labs (many of them edible!). We worked today on recording what we already know about the Earth and exploring the pictures and text in our Science books related to this topic. We are working on an Anticipation Guide for homework which will help us better understand what we see and read tomorrow!
Here are the notes we took today including vocabulary words we think are important: