Wednesday February 25

Today we watched a Bill Nye Video about Volcanoes. We had to word process at least 5 things we learned using our Writers. We then are responsible for beaming that information onto our wiki page. We spent the rest of the time working on our wikis. Check out our progress at

Monday February 23

Click here to open the Math PowerPoint we're using today for you to practice. Write answers in your notebook.

Here is the PowerPoint you will need to complete all of the wiki jobs required this week. You can open it and then save it into your file in MY COMPUTER if you'd like to have your own copy! You will want to keep it open and minimized at the bottom as you work on your wiki. That way you can go back and forth as you follow the directions!

Thursday February 19 (Core 1)

Today we began our additions to our science wikis (Core 1 and Core 2). We made these additions after researching using the sites contained in this Jog The Web.

Wednesday February 18 (Core 1)

We watched a video about plates and their movement. We also watched a quick BrainPop video so we would better understand the three plate boundaries we are studying. We then completed an edible lab where we modeled the 3 different boundaries using a Milky Way! Here are some pictures of us working! Tonight we'll finish up our conclusions and also complete a quiz from the BrainPop video.

Tuesday February 17 (Core 1)

Today we watched a BrainPop Video about Earthquakes and took the online quiz, which was sent to Mrs. C's email. We also started researching answers to our Expert Question. We are each responsible for one question on our class's wiki, and will be finishing our research and pasting from our Word documents tomorrow and Thursday. We ended the day with a great Skype session with Dr. Peggy Hellweg at Berkeley in California. Dr. Hellweg is a seismologist, and answered many of our questions about earthquakes!

Monday February 16 (Core 1)

We watched this video, went over our study guides from Friday's science book reading, and worked on our "Paragraph of Understanding".

What are scientists talking about when they say earthquakes are caused by the the plates moving??

Friday February 13

Today we planned and built 3-story structures that had to withstand an earthquake. We tested our structures and wrote conclusions on how our plans worked and what we would do in a re-build. To see our videos, click on the "Our Videos" link in the left sidebar!

Wednesday February 11

What are scientists doing to predict earthquakes?
Earthquakes: Breaking New Ground
Stay tuned for pictures from our edible boundaries lab!!

Tuesday February 10

We read pages 168-172 in the Prentice Hall Science book together.
Here is the study guide we filled in as we went along.
Then we watched a BrainPop Video about Plate Tectonics. Click below to watch it again! Remember you might have to log in with our school username and password!

Monday February 9

What are scientists talking about when they say earthquakes are caused by the the plates moving??

Recently we had the wonderful opportunity to meet a group of 6th and 7th graders in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada! We learned all about their school and what they do for fun! Here is a video of us talking with them using Skype. Click HERE to view it!