Wednesday, December 10

Today we went over our study guide and watch a short clip about Absolute Zero, since so many of us were interested in it! We also started talking about the three types of Heat transfer and watched some video clips that gave us some good examples! We're going to check the pots and pans we have at home for elements of conduction and insulation, and try standing in front of our air/heat vents to feel the transfer! Tomorrow we will try out some of the experiments we saw in the video and take a look at what BrainPop has to say about Heat and Temperature!

Tuesday, December 9

Today we finished reading our background knowledge for our unit on Heat, Temperature, and Thermal Energy. We also finished watching the video on Heat and Temperature. We were able to finish our study guides and will be testing out how heat is transferred soon!

Wednesday, December 3

Today we continued our discussion on our newest topic: energy transfer, especially as it relates to heat! We found out that heat and temperature are NOT the same! We started to watch a video about this interesting topic, and tomorrow when we finish it we will be conducting some of the same observations. For example what will happen when WE heat the metal ball? Will it still fit through the metal loop?