Thursday, August 28

Today and yesterday we worked on using our personal word processors called Writers. We tested out the keyboarding lesson challenge, since keyboarding effectively is important to a lot of the things we will do this year! We watched a short video on the Science of Crime Scene Investigation now and 200 years ago, and used our Writers to type up our thought on what we learned from the video.

Tuesday, August 26


We read the story Miss Nelson is Missing and discussed how people would interact and treat each other in our "Ideal Classroom". Students are asked to bring in a picture of someone/something important to them (framed if at all possible) which we will display in the room for the year. *If you have old frames you'd like to donate, please send them in!!*

Monday, August 25

Today was a great first day! We spent a long time talking about the expectations for academics and behavior at SanLee Middle School, and as part of the Barracuda team.
You can view the PowerPoint which includes all of the information here -