April 21

Today we shared our myths out loud and found out that we weren't as creative as we could be so we are continuing to work on them. We also started reading a little about the Earth's place in space. This will prepare us for the labs we have coming up.

April 20

Today we started our new unit on the Solar System. We read some myths from ancient civilizations and found out they believed very different things about our world. We worked on an illustration of what we picture the solar system looking like. We also have to write our own myth about the world as if we were a student in North Carolina 3000 years ago.

April 2

We continued our study of Igneous Rocks and then moved on to the Sedimentary Family today. We are creating very beautiful and detailed drawings and using our classification systems to name each of the samples.
The PowerPoint for Sedimentary Rocks is here:

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April 1

We took a close look at Igneous rocks today and drew scientific pictures of our six samples. We also had to classify them as Intrusive or Extrusive, Mafic or Felsic, and Fine-grained or Coarse-grained. Tomorrow we will use a chart to try and identify them by name according to our classification work.
Here is the PowerPoint we used for our notes:

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Igneous Family